Big Brother has been on the air for 20 years, so it's obviously doing something right. While some seasons are obviously worse than others, Big Brother has found a successful formula and has been churning it out well for the two decades. With that said, there's no denying that the show has flaws.

Because Big Brother has been on for so long, fans have been given ample time to find personal pet peeves regarding aspects of the show's production. The great thing about opinions is that everyone has one, and Reddit is a great source for finding different opinions from viewers.

10 Repeating Competition Instructions

Big Brother certainly has some creative competitions, but they're definitely not that complicated. Before every competition, the players are ordered to read the instructions, and the camera typically follows their words by showing the respective pieces and steps. It's really not that hard to follow.

Which is why repeating the instructions ticks off billcosbyinspace so much. As they hilariously write, "Competition host: in this competition, you need to throw a ball at a target. Different houseguest in the diary room one second later: SO IN THIS COMPETITION, WE NEED TO THROW A BALL AT A TARGET."

9 "Blood On My Hands."

Big Brother is home to a few memorable quotes and key catchphrases, with one of the biggest being "It's time to get blood on my hands" (or some variation thereof). It's always said in regards to some big move - typically one that goes against the house or betrays an ally.

It really ticks off Reddit user Pardusco, who simply states, "'Blood on my hands'" when asked to give a pet peeve. They further explain "It annoys me so much lmfao."


8 Will The House Flip?

Here's how Big Brother typically goes: a houseguest is put on the block. The veto is played and won by someone other than the two on the block. Everyone else talks to the veto winner, and they tell the camera that they're considering a big veto play. They don't. Then the houseguests talk a big game about flipping the house, but they don't and the obvious choice goes home.

It's a predictable formula, and it gets on the nerves of lochjessmonster13. As they write, "Not a pet peeve of the HGs, but when production tries to edit EVERY eviction episode to make it look like the house is going to flip at the last minute."

7 Blindsides & Backdoors

The phrases of Big Brother are used quite interchangeably with others. A blindside is when the house votes out someone who wasn't expecting it. A backdoor is when two pawns are put on the block and someone is blindsided and put up following the use of the veto.

Yet people still don't know what they mean, even after 20 years. As jospadce10 writes, "When they call every move they make a 'blindside'. Sir it was not a blindside we all saw it coming." Bikinigirlout adds, "Also another one of mine is when people call it a backdoor when they’re just literally replacing the veto nomination."

6 Keeping Jobs A Secret

For some reason, it's very popular on shows like Survivor and Big Brother to keep professions a secret. It makes a certain type of sense, provided the profession is something that would clearly help their game (or if their profession is something controversial and they want to hide it from the house).

But some contestants get a big ego or inflate the importance of their job, and it gets on the nerves of Quiddity131, whose pet peeve is "people with minor or incidental jobs feeling the need to keep it a secret ('I can't tell them I'm a nurse!')"

5 Canceling Houseguests

The houseguests of Big Brother take a big risk in going on the show. Not only are they likely quitting their jobs to disappear for three months and leaving behind their families, but they're also subjecting themselves to literal 24/7 scrutiny.

For them, every little statement and action is scrutinized, and it often leads to hostility on social media platforms. It upsets Quiddity131, who finds another pet peeve in "the obsession of the fanbase with jumping on people for any single comment that they find offensive and seeking to ruin their life/reputation over it."

4 Wanting Exposure

There are some very popular Big Brother contestants. Unfortunately, many people see the success that they have attained and decide to use Big Brother for clout.

The major pet peeve of AceJace2 is "pandering to the damn cameras" and "people saying in the house how this experience will change their acting/radio gig career. They just want the exposure." These people came to Big Brother to get famous, not to play the game and earn half a million dollars, and it clearly irritates some of the fanbase.

3 The Sound Effects

It's very obvious that Big Brother doesn't take itself very seriously. The show has a very comedic and lighthearted tone, especially when compared to other reality shows like Survivor. Part of the comedic tone is utilizing goofy sound effects, and it upsets Reddit user mypnwadventure.

Their pet peeve is "the damn sound effects. Cut it out, I don’t need a 'boing' and a whistle every ten seconds."

2 "My Strategy..."

The competitions of Big Brother are fun, but it's not they like they require complex strategic thinking. In many cases, it's just "do this, but faster than the other person."

Reddit user Linkanator55 finds it a personal pet peeve, writing, "'My strategy to win this comp is__________' And repeat because there’s only one way to win the comp that everybody does." These are fun games, but let's not pretend that people win over others owing to some intricate strategy.

1 The Casting

Reality shows live and die based on their casting. The game of Big Brother is great, but some people may be turned off owing to the types of people that production finds for it. This is a pet peeve of ticklechickens, who writes, "After watching Survivor, I now know it is possible to cast smart, interesting, cutthroat women who also look good in a swimsuit. Casting needs to step it up."

Champie agrees, stating, "The casting is garbage and it's more about how many Instagram influences we can get and maybe cast one or two intelligent fans that know how to play."

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