Over the past 20 years and 22 seasons of CBS's hit reality competition, Big Brother, few contestants have been as memorable as the queen of the mean girls, Janelle Pierzina. Despite never winning the grand finale, Janelle has appeared in Big Brother Season 6, 7, 14, and most recently in the All-Stars edition of Season 22.

As always, Janelle came to play with her trademark sarcasm, snarky attitude, and vulgar outbursts. Although she spent a total of 200 days in the BB household, Janelle's verbal venom was most potent in her inaugural appearance on the show. For some of Janelle Pierzina's most memorable lines, scroll below.

10 Royal Screwover

During a confessional in BB6, Janelle voiced her desire to exact revenge on Jennifer Vasquez after losing votes as the Head of Household. Rather than turn her ire on those who voted against her, Janelle goes after the undeserving winner instead.

While in the Diary Room, Janelle decries "Jen didn't win HoH last week, Kaysar gave it to her and she scr*wed him over royally. So now I'm going to screw her over royally." The quote shows how vindictive Janelle can be on the show.

9 Clear Conscience

Janelle has never been accused of being a modest personality during her time in the BB household, but in one of her most memorable quotes, she tries hard to make the audience and her housemates believe otherwise.

During an epic nomination rant during BB6, Janelle declares "to the houseguests, I'd like to say I've never lied or deceived in this game, and look where it's gotten me, once again. However, if I leave this house tonight, I leave with a clear conscience, and that to me is worth way more than $500,000."


8 Buxom Blonde

While Big Brother's most iconic quotes often consist of flagrant insults, Janelle isn't afraid to pat herself on the back from time to time. During one memorable stint inside the BB house, Janelle let be known how painful it is to be so beautiful.

While speaking on her status as the prototypical blonde houseguest, Janelle had the audacity to say "it's tiring being so buxom" without a hint of irony.

7 Nerd Herd Insult

Big Brother 6 consisted of two major Alliances duking it out for supremacy. Janelle belonged to the Sovereign 6 Alliance, which was in direct opposition to The Friendship, aka The Nerd Herd.

When making fun of the Nerd Herd's constant brown-nosing of team leader Eric Littman, Janelle once shouted "Cappy! Can I wipe your a**? Cappy! Tell us a story about your kids." As per usual for Janelle, the quote is dripping with sarcasm.

6 Beau The Coke Wh**e

As a member of the Sovereign 6 Alliance, Janelle directed her verbal missives to her opposing squad. One member who caught a stray out of nowhere was Beau Beasley, a member of The Friendship aka The Nerd Herd.

While speaking to her alliance member Rachel, Janelle spouted "Beau's a prostitute. I just figured it out. He's also a coke wh*re." Although spiteful, it was nevertheless memorable.

5 In Gratitude

While squaring off with the Nerd Herd in BB6, Janelle often insulted her opposing team with unflattering remarks. Speaking of the Nerd Herd at one point, she assured alliance member James that "one thing's for sure...America hates them!"

James retorted by saying "oh, for sure," which prompted the BB voice-over to say "Janelle, thank you very much" With as much sass and snark as she could muster, Janelle came back with "YOU'RE VERY WELCOME, BB."

4 Maggie's Shade

The only thing funnier and more inappropriate than Janelle is a drunk Janelle. During one of her inebriated tirades, Janelle managed to compliment one houseguest and insult another in the same breath.

While intoxicated one evening, Janelle blurted out "Rachel, you're so beautiful. Maggie, you're such a b*tch." What makes the quote so memorable is the thick air of dead silence after landing the final bombshell on Maggie.

3 HOH Threat

Janelle's most iconic lines during her time on BB came when obtaining Head of Household. At one point during BB6, Janelle threatened Jen by saying "when I win HoH, I'm gonna tell that b*tch to pack her bags."

When she won HoH later in the season, Janelle indeed told Jen "pack your f*cking bags, you f*cking bitch!" Displeased with her amount of F-bombs, Janelle followed up by saying "Give me that f*cking key, b*tch!" Pure classiness.

2 Beau's Barb

Janelle's verbal ire was often directed Beau's way in BB6, but none of her quotes are more iconic than the two-part insult she launched his way as the season progressed.

When impugning Beau's willingness to sell out, lie, and betray others to win the $500,000 prize money, Janelle shouted "YOU GOLD-DIGGING WH**E." All Beau could do was leer back in silence.

1 Bye Bye B*tches

In what has become one of the all-time most iconic quotes in the history of Big Brother, regardless of who said it, Janelle's "Bye Bye B*tches" line remains the ultimate mic-drop moment on the show.

Janelle uttered the quote with brimming confidence and unmitigated glee after nominating Jennifer and Maggie for eviction from the house. The quote encapsulates Janelle's entire personality and vindictive perspective on her chief female rivals on the show.

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