The Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is breakable, but this rare shield is not lost forever to players should it break. The Hylian Shield is the most durable shield in BOTW and can be difficult to acquire, so breaking it means losing a valuable piece of equipment. Fortunately, it is possible for Link to replace his broken Hylian Shield in Tarrey Town.

Link can initially find the Hylian Shield in the Lockup area of BOTW's Hyrule Castle. The Hylian Shield's durability makes it Breath of the Wild's best shield surfing option, and it can protect against many powerful attacks from enemies with ease, so obtaining it is a must for players. When the Hylian Shield does eventually break, Link can procure a replacement - though, not without putting in some effort.


The Hylian Shield is not lost forever if it breaks, as Link can buy a new Hylian Shield from a merchant in Tarrey Town. The shield can be purchased from Granté, a merchant in BOTW who sells a number of special equipment, for a hefty 3,000 Rupees. The option will only be available if Link has first claimed the Hylian Shield in Hyrule Castle, and Granté will only have one available for purchase at a time. Still, this is the only method Link has to reclaim the special shield once it breaks, and the usefulness of the Hylian Shield can outweigh the price and limited stock.

Link Can Buy a New Hylian Shield in Zelda: BOTW

However, only by building Tarrey Town in BOTW from the ground up can Link unlock the option to buy the Hylian Shield. Granté will sell the shield once Tarrey Town is finished, but creating the settlement requires the partial completion of the "Hylian Homeowner" side quest and the full completion of the "From the Ground Up" side quest. Doing so involves paying 3,000 Rupees (the same price as the Hylian Shield itself), collecting hundreds of wood bundles, and traveling all across Hyrule to recruit various people for the project. Players must put in the effort to finish these tasks if they wish to replace their broken Hylian Shield in BOTW.

With how iconic the Hylian Shield is to the Legend of Zelda franchise, the lengths players must go to attain it are understandable. It is possible that weapon durability in BOTW 2 will be changed to let Link retain his equipment longer before it breaks, allowing him more uses of the Hylian Shield before he must pay for another. Even if the durability system from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild carries over, though, the unparalleled usefulness of the Hylian Shield makes any option to replace it a worthy investment.

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