For those who enjoy the all-female sketches on Saturday Night Live, then the Baroness von Sketch Show is just the right slice of Canadian Bacon.  Debuting on Canada’s CBC Television broadcast network in 2016, this sketch comedy features four female comedians who not only act in all the sketches within each episode, but they are also the show’s executive producers.  

So naturally, the subject-matter of many of their sketches is feminist in nature addressing issues that affect women such as sexual harassment in the workplace and even LGBTQ stuff.  But today, we’re going to rank their funniest sketches.

10 Last Table At The Wedding

A sequel to a previous sketch titled “Red Wine Girls,” it features the same group of women who drink too much for their good at someone’s wedding waiting for their food to be brought.  However, this sketch can be seen without having to watch the previous one and the same point gets across with the women drinking a lot and making complete fools out of themselves.

One could argue, though, that this sketch is much funnier than its predecessor because the women get into more shenanigans with a bigger location and new situations apart from just one-on-one interactions with the waiter.  But admittedly, it does start to run out of steam towards the end.

9 Sexy Time Travel

Though time travel is a popular concept, with entire TV shows dedicated to the idea like Doctor Whoand Travelers, it is not always made fun of.  Apart from exceptions like Groundhog Day and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, most comedies about time travel aren’t particularly good.

Yet this sketch where a man is sent back in time by an organization run by four women to conduct important missions, only to use his gift for immature reasons, is funny not just because of what he does but the fact that a female time traveler revealed at the end is just as immature.


8 We Care

When it comes to a comedic sketch, the funniest ones are arguably the simplest in terms of their premise.  For instance, this sketch has four female friends hanging out together on the porch of a house.  But as they leave one by one, the remaining friends go from saying positive things about the women leaving to personal criticisms about them.

The humor comes from not just the two-faced conversations of the women, but also from how relatable it is.  After all, it’s not uncommon for friends to express concern behind other friends’ backs out of fear of being judged for their criticisms.

7 Kiss Cam

Though its exact origin is debatable, Deadspin claims the Kiss Cam arguably began with the debut of the Diamond Vision video screen in the Dodger Stadium during the 1980 All-Star Game.  It was not only the first of its kind, but also the biggest color television at the time.

While most Americans are used to seeing the Kiss Cam at Football and Baseball games, it’s amusing to know that in Canada it appears at Hockey games as this sketch clearly shows.  But the main humor comes from the selfish couple (depicted above) who try to cram themselves into every single Kiss Cam shot as it shows the shallowness of the device itself.

6 Personal Hand Dryer/Public Bathroom

In general, public bathrooms are not that pleasant to go into despite the necessity of them for certain bodily emergencies.  Whether one is a germaphobe or not, the notion that hundreds of people come and go into such a place spreading their germs on just about every surface makes entering a public bathroom more of an obligation than something to look forward to.

Hence, this sketch makes fun of that notion by having a woman doing all kinds of crazy acrobatics with her legs just so she doesn’t get exposed to too many unseen germs.  Yet in the end, she does something that’s arguably gross by wiping her hands on another woman’s shawl.

5 Siri

Ever since her official debut, the portable AI known as Siri has been made fun of for her tendency to misunderstand instructions or make responses at inappropriate times.  Though this sketch takes it to the next level where Siri inadvertently prevents a woman from sleeping with a man she brought home.

But what makes the sketch funnier is how Siri reveals how flawed the woman is since we learn through Siri’s dialogue that the woman’s already got a boyfriend who just so happens to be out of town.  Thus, she’s essentially cheating on him with another man and gets fitting punishment from Siri.

4 Gay Politician/Gaygenda

Despite the Supreme Court ruling same sex marriage completely legal, that didn’t spell the end for the continuous struggle of the LGBTQIA2 community in terms of representation.  For years, local and state politicians who are against representing them seek to undermine policies that might make LGBTQ lives easier.

When one tries to question why these politicians go through all this trouble, though, it’s difficult to objectively answer because bigotry doesn’t always make sense.  So when this sketch proposes the idea of a politician who’s against gay rights secretly being gay himself, it’s a funny concept because it makes such politicians look hypocritical and provides a sort of logical answer to this head-scratching issue.

3 Staying Single

Whether one chooses to live the single life or not, it can be both a blessing and a curse.  This especially comes to light when interacting with friends who are in romantic relationships, because it’s easy to feel envious of them even when one is content to not have a partner.

So this sketch offers a humorous take on those who feel left out by having a single woman use a dating service to get the experience of having a boyfriend without having to commit.  It’s funny not only because the date is too perfect to be true, but also what the woman gets out of it which justifies her decision to remain single.

2 Dry Shampoo

For those who are unaware, dry shampoo is an actual product that one can buy.The idea is that it allows one to get the benefits of regular shampoo without having to shower, which can be annoyingly time-consuming.But dermatologist Wilma Bergfeld says on the Cleveland Clinic website that such products may make hair “Brittle or fragile” when used extensively causing it to get damaged as a result.

Therefore, this sketch gets a lot of laughs when we see the woman who's using dry shampoo (depicted above) becoming progressively more dirty.  Though in addition, her friends compliment how great her hair looks despite the horrible things happening in the woman’s life.

1 Interrogation/I’m Not Telling You

As stated before, the best sketches are often the simplest premise-wise and what could be simpler than an interrogation scene.  But what makes this one different from other humorous interrogation scenes, such as Key & Peele’s “Rap Album Confessions” sketch, is how the accused person is questioned.

Instead of being directly confronted with evidence of the crime to wring out a confession, the accused is ignored by two women who talk amongst themselves which ironically makes her confess.  It plays upon the notion that people don’t like to be left out of group conversations, and makes a joke out of it.

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