No Time to Die will be Daniel Craig's final film as James Bond and many fans are sad to see him go. While he was a bit of a controversial pick for the role at first, Craig proved himself in the iconic part and is considered by many to be the best 007 to date.

Craig has kicked butt in the action scenes, looked impossibly cool in the suits and fancy cars, and has brought considerable vulnerability to the role. Here are Daniel Craig's best moments as James Bond, ranked.

10 Letting Green Go (Quantum Of Solace)

Quantum of Solace is largely looked at as the lesser of Craig's Bond films and part of that is due to the lackluster villain, Dominic Green. But Bond's final scene with Green is at least a highlight.

After Green tells Bond everything he knows about his evil organization, Bond keeps his promise to let Green go. He drives him out to the desert and tells him he can walk to freedom. He also provides him with a can of motor oil to drink if he's thirsty. It's a surprisingly brutal moment from our hero.

9 Day Of The Dead (Spectre)

Despite Sam Mendes returning to the franchise, Spectre is another film many consider to be a miss. However, the movie does have a killer opening that finds Bond in the midst of the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico.

Mendes seems to have been practicing for making 1917 as he begins with a stunning long take that follows Bond through the streets and climaxes with a thrilling action sequence. It's a shame the rest of the film didn't hold the same excitement.


8 Returning To Work (Skyfall)

Skyfall is viewed as one of the more mature Bond films and part of that is due to Craig's portrayal of Bond being past his prime. After disappearing for a while, Bond returns to MI6 in order to save the day yet again. However, he is not the same man.

As Bond is taken through his physical exam, he is weak, tired and unfocused. It is a fascinating new look at the hero who seems to always be one step ahead of everyone else.

7 Fighting Mr. Hinx (Spectre)

Another highlight from the disappointing Spectre was Dave Bautista's role and the silent henchman Mr. Hinx. Despite having barely any dialogue, Bautista successfully sells the character as a menacing force of nature.

Jinx and Bond finally come to blows in a thrilling train fight. Hinx charges into the scene like a bull without any warning and the fight maintains a brutal and intense energy until the amusing conclusion. It's also nice to see Bond get his butt kicked by a more powerful enemy from time to time.

6 Train Chase (Skyfall)

Each Bond film opens with an action movie to kick off the adventure. Skyfall follows this tradition and delivers one of the most intense first sequences in the series.

Bond and Moneypenny pursue a man who has stolen a digital file of undercover agents around the world. The chase leads to Bond driving a motorcycle onto a train, then fighting the man on top of the train. The shot of Bond fixing his cufflinks after jumping aboard is an especially nice touch.

5 Tortured (Casino Royale)

Casino Royale offered a more grounded and brutal take on Bond after the franchise started to drift into the ridiculous. The torture scene between Bond and Le Chiffre is a great example of this.

Instead of using sharks or lasers, Le Chiffre strips Bond naked and uses a knotted rope to hit him in the nether regions. It is uncomfortable to watch yet a fascinating new side of Bond. We don't usually see him so brutalized and yet he still laughs in the villain's face.

4 The Name's Bond (Casino Royale)

Casino Royale sought to avoid some of the more clichéd aspects of the franchise, such as the martini line. However, it does save Bond's most iconic line for the final moments of the movie and it's well worth the wait.

Bond tracks down Mr. White, the mysterious man involved in all the chaos. After shooting him in the foot, Bond appears with a massive gun and tells him and the world, "The name's Bond. James Bond."

3 Shanghai Fight (Skyfall)

Having a filmmaker like Sam Mendes working on Skyfall really did help to give the franchise a whole new feel. Along with acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins, Mendes captured some truly awe-inspiring shots.

Probably the most beautiful sequence comes when Bond tracks a suspect to Shanghai. While in a skyscraper, the two men fight while silhouetted against dream-like images projected outside the window. It is a moment that proved these movies could give viewers something else beyond action scenes.

2 Foot Chase (Casino Royale)

Along with introducing a grittier version of Bond, Casino Royale also delivers some of the franchise's best action scenes. Perhaps the most impressive of all is the extended parkour foot chase at the beginning of the film.

Like the rest of the movie, the chase is violent, messy and showcases Bond's unrelenting nature. It is the kind of action scene in which you cannot even catch your breath until it's over. Plenty of movies have tried to duplicate it but none are as thrilling.

1 007 Status (Casino Royale)

Casino Royale shows Bond on his first mission as a 00 agent, but the film's most memorable scene shows how he achieved that status. Bond tracks down a man who has been selling government secrets to the highest bidder.

The scene cuts between Bond calmly confronting this man and the brutal fight scene in which Bond kills the man's contact. It is the perfect introduction to Craig's version of Bond as we see him as the suave and cold assassin as well as a man who is not afraid to get dirty. 

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