Parental control options are available for players to utilize on their PlayStation 5, and they are fairly easy to set up. There are multiple options to explore, such as setting an age minimum for PS4 and PS5 games or taking away another user's permissions for PS5 features. Limiting content use can allow players to have a bit more control over what younger gamers can access or download onto their PlayStation 5.

Customizations like setting parental controls or changing the faceplate on the PlayStation 5 allow players to have a completely personalized experience. When players first add a younger user to their family on PlayStation 5, they will need to provide a card for a charge of $0.50 to prove they are an adult. The one-time charge will automatically add funds to the player's wallet. Parental controls give players the option to set up parameters for other users. For example, players can choose whether or not new users will have access to web browsing or PSVR.


In order to setup parental controls, players need to access the settings on their PlayStation 5. Settings are on the homepage in the top right corner next to the player's profile picture, and the menu is indicated by the gear symbol. Once players access the settings menu, they can go down to the 'Family and Parental Controls' option. In this menu, players can set up the necessary restrictions for each user.

Every Parental Control Option on the PS5

The first thing players should do is set up the console password so only they have access to change the settings, use restricted content, and make game purchases. To set up the password, players can go into the parental control settings, then click on 'PS5 Console Restrictions.' The first time players access this setting, the password will be 0000. Next, players can click the option to set their own passcode and choose any four-digit number combination. After the password is set, players can move on to set limits and restrictions.

Players have the option to allow or deny new user or guest logins. Players can also set a temporary lift on restrictions that can be changed again manually, or it will reset automatically if the console is turned off or enters rest mode. By accessing the user options, players can set ages for PS5 and PS4 games and apps. Setting age restrictions will require other users to enter a passcode for any game with a rating that exceeds the set age limit. Additionally, age limits can be set separately for playing DVDs and Blu-rays.

Another feature players can limit is access to web browsing and the use of PSVR on PlayStation 5. Setting the restrictions will require users to enter the passcode before using either of these features, and restricting PSVR will keep any user under 12 from accessing it at all. There are options for players to set communication and spending restrictions for young users. Players also have the ability to set daily time limits for gameplay that can automatically log the user out when they've reached their limit. Players that want to monitor what younger users are accessing can set up the parental controls on their PlayStation 5 to set restrictions for inappropriate content.

PlayStation 5 is available now.

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