Warning: Spoilers Below for Superman & Lois season 2, episode 8!

Jordan Kent's powers in Superman & Lois have seen a sudden progression, and the tease for season 2's next episode could hint at him using them to save his father. With Superman & Lois season 3 greenlit, the series has seen one wild development after another in its sophomore season. The arrival of Bizarro, initially heavily teased to be Doomsday, would also refocus much of the show's villainous attention.

As Bizarro's intentions were revealed as much less villainous, albeit still of the anti-hero variety, it became clear that cult leader Ally Alston (Rya Kihlstedt) was the real antagonist. Meanwhile, the adolescent trials of Jordan (Alex Garfin) and Jonathan Kent (Jordan Elsass) have also put them through new challenges. Jordan's powers, and those that Jonathan began to gain from his X-Kryptonite use, might also play a different role on Superman & Lois than expected.


Superman & Lois season 2, episode 9's promo teases the inexplicable disappearance of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), with the episode titled "30 Days and 30 Nights". It further hints at Jordan going on a quest to find him, possibly with assistance from Jonathan, much to the disapproval of their mother Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch). The teases don't stop there, with the promo also indicating that Jordan's Kryptonian abilities might swiftly be approaching their zenith. Superman & Lois's previous episode "Into Oblivion" offers good reason to think that's the case, and could potentially set up Jordan as his father's rescuer. Understandably, such a narrative would have serious consequences for the future of the show and for Jordan's role moving forwards.

Jordan Now Has Super-Speed

In "Into Oblivion", Jonathan and Candice (Samantha Di Francesco) find themselves assaulted by an X-Kryptonite dealer while heading home. Jordan hears the struggle with his super-hearing and comes to his brother's aid. What makes this use of Jordan's gradually growing powers different than before is that Jordan and Jonathan are separated by several miles. Still, that does nothing to stop Jordan, whose powers have taken a big leap forward.

Suddenly exhibiting super speed, Jordan zooms over to Jonathan and Candice's location and defeats their attacker. Keeping his identity as veiled as possible with a hoodie, Jordan speeds off again after making sure Jonathan is okay. While Superman & Lois treats Jordan's super speed in an almost off-handed manner, the fact of its unexpected appearance means big things for Superman's son. Indeed, with Jordan's super-speed arising when it does, Superman & Lois as a whole is on a different track. With this new power, Jordan is arguably more capable than ever and better equipped to aid in his father's rescue, should it prove necessary.

Jordan's Powers Could Fully Develop Earlier Than Expected

Since the beginning of Superman & Lois, Jordan Kent's powers have been a major focal point of the show. While Jordan hasn't been at Clark's strength level, he has worked hard both to nurture his powers to their fullest and keep them hidden from the world. He's been aided in both by his family, including his grandfather Sam Lane (Dylan Walsh). While the path to Jordan's fully developed powers would seem to reach its most natural crescendo at the end of Superman & Lois season 2, the series has completely changed that arc.

Jordan possessing super speed with a substantial portion of season 2 remaining isn't something that Superman & Lois can or likely will ignore. With "30 Day and 30 Nights" teasing the sudden disappearance of the Man of Steel, Superman & Lois has set up a story for Jordan to use his powers in. No longer is Jordan rising to his father's power tier the triumphant culmination of Superman & Lois season 2, though Jonathan might do so. Instead, it's occurring much earlier to potentially set up what Jordan's role in the finale will be. With the teaser hinting to Jordan being heavily involved in the search for Clark, and perhaps even gaining the ability to fly, Jordan's powers hold a totally new context. That could also place Jonathan in a new light, too, with him possibly jolting to full Krpyptonian strength as the season concludes.

How The Bizarro World's Role Might Be Different

Superman's disappearance and the development of Jordan's powers could also place the Bizarro world in a different role on Superman & Lois. With Ally Alston coercively provided visions of Smallville resident's alternate selves, the mysterious other plain has obvious significance. Not only did Bizarro himself originate there, but a glimpse of a Bizarro Lana Lang (Emmanuelle Chriqui) has also been seen. Ally's plot also looks to involve merging with her alternate self from the Bizarro world and doing the same with other characters, including General Anderson (Ian Bohen). Clearly, the Bizarro world was always going to be a major element of Superman & Lois season 2. Even so, the timing of Jordan's super-speed could have greater implications for that.

The sudden absence of the Last Son of Krypton would certainly raise eyebrows, as Superman Returns delved into. Superman vanishing, perhaps being taken to the Bizarro world, could indicate it will no longer merely be fleetingly teased, but a major location of season 2. Ally's plot to merge the Multiversal selves of people together, including herself, only adds credence to this, along with Ally potentially transforming into Parasite. Jordan suddenly leaping several bounds ahead in his powers right as the Bizarro world is fully coming into play could also be the biggest red flag of all. The Bizarro world might not be a location whose entrance is tasked with being blocked, but the site of one of the biggest battles, or even the final showdown, of Superman & Lois season 2. With Jordan's powers rapidly accelerating their growth, fighting alongside his father and possibly brother in the Bizarro world could make for quite an episode on Superman & Lois.

However the Bizarro world is used on Superman & Lois, it's been established as an undeniably important location for season 2. Just as significant is Jordan's very casual display of super-speed to come to the aid of Jonathan and Candice. While potentially setting Jordan on a path similar to Smallville's Clark Kent, Jordan's powers are evidently taking on a new role. With many viewers eager to see Jordan fully reach his Kryptonian potential, the framing of that event is happening in a different way than it seemed to be heading. With Jordan getting in on the superhero rescuing game, saving his missing father might be where Superman & Lois takes him next.

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